Manufacturing Leadership Forum, Europe

7-9 June 2017 – Munich, Germany

Day 1 – 7th June – Tours & Toolkit

08:45 – 09:00

Registration – Toolkit and Tech Discovery Workshop Only

09:00 – 13.30

  • LEADERSHIP TOOLKIT - Building an effective Leadership Development program

    • Duration –  4 Hours
    • Over the years many enterprises have adopted and implemented progression programmes. These programmes have delivered significant benefits, but have also proven that continuous significant gains are increasingly difficult to achieve.
      In many cases the cause is that the improvement programs have engaged most of the workforce in a very positive way, but in some cases management (leadership) has not been sufficiently included leading to loss of speed and sustainability.In this session we want to share with you a very practical way to make sure that your leadership (including yourself of course) will change from “engaged spectator” to “committed driver”.

EFESO Consulting

International Expert, EFESO Consulting


  • ROBOTICS Toolkit - How collaborative robots change manufacturing operations?

    • Duration –  1 Hours
    • What are collaborative robots and how is Rethink Robotics standing out with Sawyer?
    • How to deploy the technology in manufacturing and realize productivity gains, quality improvements and cost savings?
    • How to tackle collaborative robot projects?
    • Customer examples of successful deployments and take aways


Sr. Manager, European Business Development


  • Automation Tech Discovery Toolkit

    • Duration –  1 Hour
    • The digital transformation requires flexibility, productivity and quality where the factory of tomorrow is built on proven but also new solutions to respond to customer’s individual demand. This is the target of the e-F@ctory concept and its solutions. Understanding how these solutions can be applied gradually to prove your success and control your investment. From the intelligent and autonomous conveying solution powered by robotics to guided operator solutions for labor intense processes.

mitsubishi electric

Director Marketing FA EMEA

13:30 – 14:30 – Verallia Glass Tour Lunch will be on the coach – 13:45

Networking Lunch – Toolkit Attendees only

14:30 – 14:45

Tour Registration

14:45 – 18.30

  • MAN Truck & Bus Tour


Dr. Martin Meyer

Plant Director

  • AB InBev Brewery Tour


Harald Stückle

Plant Director

  • Verallia Glass Tour


Giovanni Depoli

Plant Director

  • BMW Factory - SOLD OUT


Jochen Lorenzen

VP Production Control, Logistics, Controlling

18:30 – 21:30


    • Duration –  3 Hours
    • An informal opportunity to network with fellow attendees after a productive day.
    • Invest in Bavaria represents the leading IoT Hub in Europe. Since 1999, the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria has been helping companies from Germany and abroad to build up or extend a base in Bavaria. Invest in Bavaria puts together customized information, helps to find the ideal location in Bavaria and arranges the contacts needed for implementing projects: with government agencies and associations as well as with important local networks .Invest in Bavaria is supported by the worldwide network of 25 Bavarian representative offices abroad.


21:30 End of Day 1

Day 2 – 8th June

7:30 – 8:30

Registration & Networking

8:30 – 8:40

  • Chairman's Welcome Address & Welcome from Manucore Team

    • A warm welcome from Manucore to this year’s MLF, Europe: pertinent information on making your event experience highly productive
    • MLF, Europe Chair’s Welcome: John Schelhaas starts your day with key highlights and insights into the multi-format Manucore agenda

John Schelhaas

Director Integrated Supply Chain EMEA

8:40 – 9:10

  • The future of Manucore


Sean Culey

EVP, Research and Advisory Services

09:10 – 09:40
  • Collaborative automation - Utilising the social value of Robotics in the Manufacturing workplace

    In this session we will cover the way Robotics have been integrated into the Ford manufacturing plant to enrich and improve the working  environment, paying particular attention to the dynamic relationship between man and machine.



Director Manufacturing, Vehicle Operation Europe

9:40 – 10:10

  • A new paradigm for Manufacturing: Servitization and new business models

    Increasing numbers of manufacturing firms are servitizing – innovating their capabilities so they can offer integrated product-service solutions. Whether its power by the hour or yield by the field, the intention is the same – creating an innovative service based business offering that delivers the outcomes your customers want. In this presentation, Professor Andy Neely, Head of Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing and Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance, will outline his thinking on the servitization of manufacturing. He will explain why and how firms are servitizing as well as explain the capabilities you need to make a success of servitization.



Head at Institute for Manufacturing

10:10 – 11:30

Networking & Refreshments & Pre-Arranged 1-2-1 Meetings

11:30 – 12:00 – Case Studies


  • End-to-end lean leadership and quality mindsets

    Philip showcases how lean leadership is the most effective methodology to achieve high levels of employee engagement, a high performance organisation and ultimately a quality mindset.


Philip Holt

Manufacturing Director EMEA


  • Industry 4.0 in practice, Transformation in a digital era

    The sky is the limit when using digital thinking to automate processes. In this session Arturo describes the key challenges and opportunities that the technology offers today.


Arturo Pasquel

Director Product Technology


  • How IoT is transforming production value chains and business models

    Peter explains how Jaguar Land Rover’s increasing connectivity and ever more sophisticated data-gathering and analytics capabilities make it possible to build smarter supply chains, manufacturing processes and new ecosystems.

    Using a real life pilot programme of connected manufacturing Peter describes how predictive repair and maintenance has become a reality that is reaping real rewards and opportunities for the future.


Peter Domeney

Manufacturing Engineering Director

12:05 – 12:45 – Sponsored Case Studies
  • How to build a successful leadership development program? - EFESO Consulting


Joke Nijhoff

Director Human Resources Domo and Supply Chain Ingredients

  • Keep track of all your improvement & innovation projects securely, centrally and globally

    Companion by Minitab® is a secure web-optimised system that provides everything you need to streamline and standardise your Continuous improvement and Innovation program.  The Companion dashboard delivers customisable, real-time reporting on your entire program so you will never again have to waste hours aggregating project data. The dashboard reports key metrics – see your KPI’s at a glance and identify and replicate successful projects.

    Companion also includes a complete process improvement toolkit, including Process Mapping, FMEA and Monte Carlo Simulation. See how your team can spend less time managing projects and more time moving them forward – Companion by Minitab!


Minitab Ltd

Account Manager

  • Data-Driven Daily Management: Driving Performance at the Point of Impact

    Companies strive toward growth and continuous improvement but often struggle to identify the right path to follow. Many organizations fall into the trap of thinking that to increase capacity, they must invest in newer machinery, expand into larger facilities and hire more workers.

    In this session, we look at the topic of asset utilization and demonstrate how, with the right approach to asset performance management using data, companies can make significant improvements to process and their bottom line and potentially avoid adding additional resources or making unnecessary capital investments in additional equipment and facilities:

    Current approaches to asset performance management

    The definition and role of OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)

    The value of measuring OEE (how to quantify it)

    Key strategies for identifying improvement areas and keeping them fixed


TBM Consulting Group

Managing Director, Europe

12:50 – 13:35 – Specialist Working Groups – Strictly limited to 10 members only

Group M

Scenario-based Technology Roadmapping for Manufacturing
Dr. Jürgen Hedrich, Senior Associate



Improving performance through sustainability
Laurent Cardinali
V.P. Global Engineering



Quality culture, mind-set and skills to adapt to the future of manufacturing
Gregorio Acero
VP of Quality & HSSE – EMEA


Group D

Defining and Delivering on a Digital Strategy for your Business – When to Automate and When to Differentiate
VP, Global Solution Consulting



Understanding regional cultures within a centralised business
Shawn Humphrey
UK General Manager



Internet of Things, Digital, Industry 4.0 – turning buzz words into real opportunities
PA Consulting
Head of Manufacturing
Head of Supply Chain in Consumer


Group G

Exploiting the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0 and Brexit
Associate Director
Director & Brexit Industrial Manufacturing Lead



Balancing operational excellence and innovation
Carlos de Castro
Head of Global Quality & Operating System



Creating a sustainable pipeline of ideas to driving cost saving efficiency
Garry Moppett
Product & Process Implementation Director


Group J

Transformation of OPEX into a Continues Improvement Culture
Simon Holloway
Director of Group Manufacturing



OEE:  uncover your hidden factory and cut capacity capital spend by half
CCI Group
Former P&G Director / CCi Business Partner



Transformation of your value chain through IOT
Peter Domeney
Manufacturing Engineering Director




    • Duration –  1 Hour
    • An informal opportunity to network with fellow attendees after a productive day.
    • Invest in Bavaria represents the leading IoT Hub in Europe. Since 1999, the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria has been helping companies from Germany and abroad to build up or extend a base in Bavaria. Invest in Bavaria puts together customized information, helps to find the ideal location in Bavaria and arranges the contacts needed for implementing projects: with government agencies and associations as well as with important local networks .Invest in Bavaria is supported by the worldwide network of 25 Bavarian representative offices abroad.


14:40 – 15:10

  • The era of data driven manufacturing and mass customisation

    Imagine a world where fast, flexible factories with minimal environmental footprints produce on-demand custom products. Factories capable of embracing and responding to the ever changing needs of the consumer in real time. Factories that combine state of the art technology in robotics, automation and additive manufacturing to reinvent industry. Factories structured around their lack of structure, capable of managing the endless complexity of customization. In this session we’ll discuss the evolution of footwear from bespoke, to mass manufactured, to made for me. How SOLS has embraced single part production and abolished inventory, and what “on-demand” means for the future of industry.



Former Founder & CEO
Forbes 30 Under 30
Inc. 30 Under 30

15:10 – 16:30

Networking & Refreshments & Pre-Arranged 1-2-1 Meetings

16:30 – 17:00 – Case Studies
  • Is Leadership ready for the fluid, digital & competitive landscape we are facing?

    What Business Structures And Strategies Are Needed To Be Able To Cope With An Increasingly Disruptive Future Of Digitally-Driven, Highly-Innovative, Global Networks Of Competitors. The role of capability and supply chain innovation, leading for the future, delivering today and tomorrow.


Gustavo Lopez Ghory

Vice President Product Supply – Global Manufacturing

  • Mass Customisation And Flexible Manufacturing

    In this session Marcus describes the transformation of the Daimler Truck and Bus manufacturing process from a traditional coach building environment to a flexible manufacturing process that supports mass customisation.

    He describes the challenges Daimler had to overcome with the training of staff, the implementation of a new manufacturing process, as well as heavy management challenges.


Dr. Marcus Nicolai

Head of Production Daimler Buses
Management Team of Daimler

  • Designing the work environment of the future: the new seismic shift in company culture

    In today’s technologically advanced manufacturing ecosystem, it is possible to work in a more flexible, smarter mode than ever before. With 12-hour days rapidly shrinking to 6 hours with the help of technology convergence, how far has the corporate mindset really changed when equating productivity with hours spent in the office? A growing number of progressive organisations are introducing stress-busting activities for the workforce as an integral part of their working day. Can book clubs, yoga and meditation create a distinct and positive shift in company culture? How are corporations adapting to attract the top new talent of digitally-equipped innovators? What happens if they don’t adapt?


Valeriano Donzelli

Executive, Supply Chain Global Optimization Leader

17:05 – 17:45 – Sponsored Case Studies
  • Benchmark your S&OP/ Integrated Business Planning Process to see if you are getting the value you expected

    Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is transformational. Deployed correctly it fundamentally changes the way you run the business, the results you get and the ability of people to impact business performance.

    The question is, how well is your process performing?

    During this session, Paul will share some of the key questions that you need to ask yourselves to understand where you are on the transformational journey.  More importantly, it will highlight what you should be doing to improve and realize the full potential of your process.

    Paul will share the results of a recent online survey of over 100 organizations, enabling you to position your process such that you can develop a suggested action plan of the areas that you need to improve.

    IBP is used routinely in all sectors but, as you will hear, does not routinely deliver transformation and expected benefits.  Find out why.


Oliver Wight

Managing Associate EAME

  • Human – Robot Collaboration Gripping meets Robot Technology

    YASKAWA is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots, with 330,000 robots installed worldwide. In addition to application-based variants such as welding, palletising, painting and handling robots, the broad range of robots includes robots designed for laboratory and clean room applications as well as top quality, turnkey automated welding systems.



Senior Key Account Manager, Yaskawa Robotics Europe

  • Mass Customization and Manufacturing Execution with SAP

    Industrie 4.0 revolutionizes the conventional automation pyramid: business software is merged with the machine layer. Seamlessly integrated, flexible processes and interoperability is key. Systems and machines communicate with another and customers and service providers are connected. Standard software enables lot size of one production, with individually configured and personalized products.

     Learn how SAP Digital Manufacturing empowers customers to innovate and execute mass customization, get insight on the Open Integrated Factory – Generation 2017, powered by SAP Leonardo.



Senior Director, Global Solution Management Digital Manufacturing

17:45 – 18:25

  • Power Panel - Gender Challenge 2020: Building gender balance in your manufacturing operations

    In the UK, women make up just 30% of food and drink manufacturing, and only 7% of engineering professionals. But increasing numbers of studies indicate a clear competitive advantage to be gained from having a truly diverse workforce. How can we nurture and build top-performing gender diversity initiatives into our operational DNA? How can a “nice-to-have” corporate perspective transform to a “must-have” when it comes to workplace diversity? What will you manufacturing gender balance look like by 2020?


Gema Palomo

Power Panel Moderator
Global Life-cycle Digital Product


Kegan Fisher

Former Founder & CEO
Forbes 30 Under 30
Inc. 30 Under 30


Susan Schofield

VP Strategic Projects


Hanne Dinkel

Vice President – Blade Manufacturing


Michelle Shi-Verdaasdonk

VP, Head of Global Manufacturing

18:25 – 18:35

Chairman’s Day 2 Summary 

18:40 – 19:40

Drink Reception

19:40 – End of Day 2

Day 3 – 9th June

8:30 – 8:50

Registration & Networking

8:50 – 9:10

Chair’s Welcome Address & Recap

9:10 – 9:40

  • Building up the future: transformations in additive manufacturing

    In this session discover the most recent advancements and implementations in additive manufacturing that are promising multiple benefits, including greater efficiency and flexibility. What is the impact that these developments will have on your manufacturing role and how can you prepare for this transition?



Head of Department Additive Manufacturing

9:40 – 11:00

Networking & Refreshments & Pre-Arranged 1-2-1 Meetings

11:00 – 11:30 – Case Studies

  • Change is good – But how much change is good?

    Many companies, despite good employees, sound processes, and innovations, experience a “still boat” syndrome. While some processes could choke innovation, too much innovation can be a burden for processes leading inevitably to waste. Internal competition can be toxic and lead to even more waste. 

    One of the tools used to see and eliminate waste in lean manufacturing is observation. How can this concept be implemented at a department, division or company level? What can you do as leader.


Adrian Oprescu

Vice President, Engineering

  • Supply Chain Strategy in the Board Room: the direct link to manufacturing

    46% of supply chain leaders have direct responsibility for their company’s manufacturing operations…

    Previous sponsored joint research with Cranfield University highlighted the chasm that exists between vision and successful implementation of supply chain strategies, with success rates averaging 50%. This ground-breaking 2009/2012 research identified the key barriers to success, and also the key ‘get rights’ that drive successful change. The most challenging ‘get rights’ related to leadership and change management.

    Some five years on, this new 2017 research seeks to update the major findings of the previous research, and to examine leadership and change management issues in greater depth. It will seek to identify the leadership and behaviours needed to better steer and secure the successful change required in the strategic leverage of supply chain concepts.


Prof Alan Waller

Visiting Professor, Supply Chain, Cranfield University

  • Understanding Cultural Diversity to Strengthen Performance

    How can cultural awareness drive better performance? Great leadership uses diversity as an advantage, a enhanced perspective to stay aware of frequently changing technologies. How is it affecting production and staff retention?

11:35 – 12:15 – Sponsored Case Studies

  • The Challenges of Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation is often associated with optimization, more efficient and faster processes in business and production (Industry 4.0).  However, optimization, and technology are the easiest part of Digital Transformation. To really digitalize a business will shake up the entire organization. New (digital) business models are crucial for many businesses to survive in the digital age. With that comes the necessity to change corporate culture. Digital transformation requires a holistic view at the organization, the products, and the business model.


PROTEGO® Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH & INFOR

Alexander Buschek, CIO/CDO, PROTEGO® Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH & VP, Global Solution Consulting, Infor

  • Which top trending Continuous Improvement challenge would you like to unpack?

    In this unique session, Alex Cosgrove and Jim McCowan will focus on one of the following challenges – voted for by YOU the Manucore audience.  Focused Improvement or Leading & Managing Change – which topic would you like to unpack?  Vote here:

    1: Establish a Daily Operational Review
    2: Introduce Leader Standard Work
    3: Identify Profit Improvement Projects
    4: Formalise Tiers of Problem Solving


CCi Group

Former Head of UK Manufacturing (Weetabix) and CCi Business Partner


Jim McCowan

Manufacturing Excellence Director

  • Re-engineering for smarter, safer and more efficient work

    Milliken provides hard-working and comfortable performance manufactured fabrics for athletic uniforms and ball caps, imagewear and workwear, collegiate garments, shapewear as well as performance athletic apparel and hunting apparel. We also make fabrics for industrial applications such as healthcare, hospitality, table linens, office interiors, labels, and much more:

    VisaEndurance® fabric

    Combines an effective long-lasting odor control and stain release with a moisture management fabric for easy care. Available for a variety of uses, including active athletic wear, hunting fabrics and medical scrubs.

    StainSmart® fabric

    Get the easy care of a fabric that effectively and easily repels and releases stains bundled with the comfort of wicking. Available in garments, hospitality fabrics and airwall fabrics.

    BioSmart® fabric

    Bacteria and viruses collect on garments throughout the day. But BioSmart® fabric substantially diminishes contamination to support even the strictest safety programs.


Milliken & Company

Director of Client Development

12:20 – 13:05 – Specialist Working Groups – Strictly limited to 10 members only



Next Generation of Lean Manufacturing
Monica Vanegas
Senior Manager – Lean Manufacturing, GE Healthcare



Supply Chain Strategy in the Board Room (II)
Prof. Alan Waller OBE
Chairman ELUPEG, Vice-President for SC



Keep track of all your improvement & innovation projects securely, centrally and globally
Minitab Ltd
Account Manager



Industry 4.0 – Requirements and possible solutions to monitor system performance

Robotics Division Manager, Germany



Balancing Change and Progression
Adrian Oprescu
Vice President, Engineering



Brain Rules you must obey for a successful Lean development
Arnoud Herremans
Lean & OPEX Leader



Reactive to predictive mind-sets, a new era of technology
Grant Marshall
VP Manufacturing Operations



The implementation challenge of Process Innovation and turning that into a long-term solution
Tom Maes
Head of Innovation



Supply Chain Strategy in the Board Room (I)
Prof. Alan Waller OBE
Chairman ELUPEG, Vice-President for SC

13:05 – 14:05

Networking Lunch

14:05 – 14:35

  • Raising Your Game With Bimodal: harnessing the power of new manufacturing models in the digital world

    1 organ donor can save 8 lives. Imagine the impact of 1 breakthrough on your operations. Bimodal creates opportunities to explore and nurture new manufacturing models only available in the digital world. Sustained success requires a concentrated effort to take on new levels of risk, manage a pipeline of pilots and learn fast from failure. We provide, through case studies, how to develop this new organizational discipline.



Vice President Research 

14:35 – 15:15

  • Manucore Coalition Live & Chairman's Summary

    A panel of Manucore Coalition Leaders will respond to current market developments, presenting actionable examples on recent challenges and perspectives on our future manufacturing evolution.



Director Integrated Supply Chain EMEA



Arturo Pasquel

Director Product Technology
Innovation – Vice Chair


Nicolas Strumane

Director Operational Excellence Global Manufacturing
Performance – Vice Chair

15:15 – End of the Forum