Manufacturing Leadership Forum, Europe

June 6-8, 2018 , Europe

Previous Key Speakers

Karl Anton

Director Manufacturing, Vehicle Operation

Andy Neely

Head at Institute for Manufacturing - IFM

Gustavo Ghory

VP Product Supply - Global Manufacturing

Dr Marcus Nicolai

Management Team, Head of Production

Kegan Fisher

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Bernhard Mueller

Head of Department Additive Manufacturing



  • What does it take to be a world class maker? Who is the Uber of manufacturing and who are you going to compete with tomorrow?

  • Our Advisory Board say that today Manufacturers need to make bold decisions and careful strategic investments to achieve a small competitive advantage and long-lasting profitability, so what are the right decisions to make, and which investments should be on your agenda for 2017 and beyond?

  • New technologies are not enough to succeed and need to be coupled with robust leadership strategies and strategic planning.



  • How do we successfully align business strategy with operational effectiveness and a skilled workforce in order to achieve a competitive advantage?
  • How do we attract generation Y into manufacturing to avoid an industry wide skills gap whilst still delivering a positive P&L statement?
  • How do we adapt our leadership style on an international scale in an era of customer driven processes and sustainable manufacturing?
  • Discuss these challenges and more with the World’s elite manufacturing leaders.


  • New technologies are changing the face of manufacturing and enable new ways of working.
  • Join us to discover how disruptive innovation is affecting the workforce, the market and your potential to grow.
  • Industrial IoT, Brilliant Factories, Cognitive Computing, Additive Manufacturing and KET’s are some of the topics we will discuss in detail.


  • Explore how methods such as TPM, WCM, Kanban, Lean and TQM, known for years, should be adapted in order for you to become a true World Class performer.
  • Discover processes that make a difference to the outcome in the long term and learn how to translate operational improvements into sustainable profitability.


Manufacturing Leadership Forum, Europe brings together 150 senior members of the Manucore community to share insights and generate actionable intelligence. Our members are the most important manufacturing leaders in the world. Their attendance is by invitation-only and requires them to be decision makers, with budget sign-off, seniority and scope to implement new solutions and services.

Our Live Member Companies Include

The Manucore Coalition consists of a group of leading Manufacturing professionals, carefully chosen for their industry experience and expertise

Laurent Cardinali

Vice President Global Engineering

Arturo Pasquel

Director Product Technology

Gregorio Acero

Vice President of Quality and HSSE, EMEA


Executive, Global Quality Leader

Ann Tracy

VP SC& Logistics and Sustainability

Frank Vorrath

Vice President Global Supply Chain


We bring together some of the industry’s leading and most innovative solutions
and service providers to address the needs of our Manucore network.

Manufacturing Leadership Forum, Europe