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The next generation of S&OP

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Harness the power of S&OP to drive real change across your business

Sales and operations planning has evolved significantly from its origins, but many organizations have yet to adapt the way they use it. This two-day masterclass will equip senior leaders with knowledge and strategies to implement S&OP as a powerful force for improvement.

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Create a modern S&OP programme

S&OP has entered a new era. In successful organisations it has moved beyond the parameters of supply chain and operations into a role as a driver for strategic change and improvement.

However, many organisations are still using S&OP simply as a set of tools and techniques for supply chain planning. As a result, they are failing to capitalise on its true potential for creating value.

This masterclass, led by global expert Alain Perrot, will teach senior business leaders how to join the new era of S&OP, using it to align people, functions and strategy to implement change at pace. Using a unique blend of real-time, game-based simulation training, classroom learning and site visits, this masterclass offers a practical roadmap for the creation of a modern S&OP programme.

The masterclass incorporates a site visit hosted by Volvo Group in Gothenburg, a company that has built a solid position as a world leader in commercial transportation technology. S&OP plays a major role in the automotive industry in optimising and increasing customer service and value while maintaining or decreasing cost levels.

How you and your business will benefit

Key learnings for masterclass attendees include:

  • Discovering the powerful connection between S&OP and organisational strategy
  • Understanding why S&OP cannot be seen as a one-size-fits-all approach, but a unique and customisable weapon to break down silos and align activities
  • Learning how to build an S&OP programme uniquely based on your organisation’s DNA
  • Discovering the seven secret pillars of S&OP and how to implement them at speed
  • Developing a roadmap to make successful S&OP happen, by aligning strategy, behaviour and cross-functional co-operation.

Who should attend?

The masterclass is aimed at senior Directors and Vice Presidents working across a range of functional leadership roles, including but not limited to:

  • S&OP leaders
  • Supply chain
  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance

The effectiveness and impact of the masterclass is maximised when organisations send cross-functional groups to the event, particularly colleagues from supply chain and sales and marketing. That approach ensures collaborative thinking and embeds agreement on strategic direction to take back to the business.

There is great value in this masterclass even for experienced S&OP practitioners. Discover new ideas to take to new roles, learn how to implement S&OP at speed, and refine change management techniques to win hearts and minds.

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Masterclass leader: Alain Perrot

Alain Perrot is a global expert on S&OP strategy and implementation. He has 25 years of hands-on S&OP experience all over the world, across all industries. His career in industry comprised senior roles with leading global manufacturers including VP of Supply Chain and Purchasing at Air Liquide. Supply Chain Director at Best Foods, and several positions in supply chain and financial planning at Mars.

In training and consultancy, he has particular passion for and expertise in supply chain strategy, global planning systems, sales and operations planning, value stream mapping, company transformation and high-performance team systems.


Volvo Trucks, Gothenburg, Sweden

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Masterclass: the next generation of S&OP
February 5-6, 2018 – Volvo Trucks, Gothenburg, Sweden



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