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We’re a global network of manufacturing and supply chain leaders. Our members are the innovators who are shaping the future of industry.

Manucore Coalition: the heart of our mission

These senior supply chain and manufacturing leaders share their insights, expertise and vision and to guide our content and services.

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Your guide to the greatest disruptions facing the world of Supply Chain and Manufacturing for Industry 4.0, including Industrial Internet of Things, Blockchain, Co-bots, Autonomous Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence.

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Pioneering the on-demand future

Kegan Fisher, Founder & CEO of SOLS Footwear, is a leader in the new era of data-driven manufacturing and mass customization.

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Beating the Billion Dollar Brand

Neil Ackerman, Senior Director, Global SC Advanced Planning, Johnson & Johnson, believes any organisation can be successful in e-commerce by using the five pillars of his e-commerce flywheel.

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Pointzero: Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Leadership Insights.


Your source of inspiration on Innovation, Leadership, Performance and Analysis

Manucore 365

When time is scarce, moments of clarity are invaluable. We understand that you can’t make it to every event or read every report, so we’ve built a 365-day-a-year programme of connections, conversations and content that you can access when it suits you.

Live events

The power of face-to-face connections.

Supply Chain Leadership Forum, Europe

March 5-7 2018 – Warsaw, Poland

Established as Europe’s leading event for high-level supply chain networking and strategic benchmarking.

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Masterclass: the next generation of S&OP


Sales and operations planning has evolved significantly from its origins, but many organizations have yet to adapt the way they use it. This two-day masterclass will equip senior leaders with knowledge and strategies to use S&OP as a powerful force for improvement.

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Manufacturing Leadership Forum, USA

May 15-16, 2018 – Atlanta, GA

Brings together SVPs, EVPs, and VPs of Manufacturing to network with peers and collaboratively pioneer change in their operations through benchmarking.

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